7 Tips For The Perfect Runway Walk

A fashion models job has the first appearances of being a glamorous one. Dress politely, wear makeup, clean and full bodied hair, wear heels if you can. Professional models know that being super hydrated before they walk the runway is critical in preventing dizziness and even fainting caused by dehydration, which can be disastrous.

Models under the required height will NOT be permitted to audition at the casting call and will be asked to leave. Additionally, non-agency models often have a slightly different look than traditional models, which can make your photo shoots really stand out. In addition, it is not unusual for female models to be size 6-8, hardly considered skinny by most people.

We looking for individual(s) to work for us as model and talent scout for two (2) upcoming beauty pageants and Hong Kong Fashion Week. Aside from adding inches of height, heels also typically make the wearer's body appear much more elongated - it's not surprising models are always wearing them.

However, Murphy's Law has a knack for creeping up and it's not uncommon for models to not have their outfits show up at a show (for whatever reason) or even have one or more of their assigned clothes given Fashion Show to another model to wear (this happened to me before).

Yes, there is an artistic element to many parts of the industry, as well as image, character acting and proper posing techniques, etc., but the role of a career as a model is to be "whatever" the role that the client hires them to be. It's not meant to be a personal insult to you as a person, but rather a lesson in flexibility to go with the flow of what you are hired to do. There are many models that give up or never find their "niche" in the industry, but there's no need for people within the industry or the general public to "pour salt on an open wound" by making people feel that they aren't REAL models just because they are not famous or a Size Zero.

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